Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 21: Pig Trail Harley Davidson 4th Anniversary Party

I was on my way to the Iron and Ink Bike Show / Swap Meet when I drove by The Pig Trail Harley Davidson dealership... whoah!!! Harleys Harleys Harleys... I had to stop. Well, I never made it to Avoca, but had a great time browsing Harleys, biker watching, motorcycle stunts. COOL! It was their 4th year anniversary celebration; bike show, trophies, battle of stunt bikes, a water slide, concessions and bikes, bikes, bikes and more bikes. I regret I didn't make it to Avoca, so many motorcycles, so little time. VERY awesome shoot; many incredible bikes and lots of very nice people who didn't mind to stop and pose (or pose on the fly!). Perfect day!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bikes, Blues and BBQ 2010

September 29 - October 2 Aponi Studios will be shooting on the road for one of the nations largest bike rallies; Bikes, Blues and BBQ. Our shoot schedule will include Devil's Den, the Pig Trail, Dickson Street and other locations. Details will be posted on the 'I Shoot Bikers' Calendar. What an exciting event!! Event photography will be available online. Royalty-free-for-personal- use digital downloads can be purchased for 10.00 each, with other photo products available as well.

Devils Den 8/15/2010

Today was my first day shoot at Devil's Den. I'm addicted!!! I found a few key spots to shoot from, worked out the best angles, experimented until I found just the right camera settings, and met some nice people while breaking at the restaurant. I was given a few puzzled looks, some friendly waves, and a few smiles. The shoot was a great success. I am very eager for the next shoot. I finished off the afternoon by paddling around Lake Devil in a canoe with my 7 year old son. I love my job :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Musicians, artists...

I think it is time to shoot more musicians....

Friday, August 13, 2010

Teen Shoot at Battlefield Park

This week consisted of another fun shoot with a high-schooler named Jordan. We did the shoot at Battlefield Park in Prairie Grove. Lots of great pics, I think this one is my favorite. I really like the rustic logs and porches for a setting, the black and white photos were especially nice against the logs and grains in the wood. Challenges? Primarily the heat... it was about 100 degrees, but Jordan kept smiling anyway :) Good job!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Aponi Loves Farm Calls

This summer I was invited to 4 Mile Creek Gaited Horses farm in Velvet Ridge, AR. It was about a 4 hour drive so we were forced to shoot with the sun high in the afternoon sky, by the time I arrived. Leaving early was thwarted by the birth of my collie's 6 pups which ensued about the time I had hoped to head out. Critters! Ah well, the birth was uneventful and 6 healthy pups were born (more on that later). When I arrived at the farm to start the shoot, the family had carefully bathed several of their herd stallions which were to be featured on their new website, all squeaky clean and tied standing in a row awaiting their shining moments. Shooting a line-up of 5 stallions can be trickier than one might imagine. It would seem an inviting mare lingered off in the distance just close enough for the stallions to be aware of her presence. Everyone had a saucy mood as if to say "pick me, pick me... no no pick me!" None-the-less, the shoot went very well in spite of the challenges. The horses were delightful, I even felt some heart strings being pulled for a handsome gelding they were presenting for sale. mmmmm more pasture.... Thanks to the Mahans for a great shoot and a very enjoyable afternoon, not to mention Mrs. Mahans impeccable hospitality and delicious pot roast. Visit the Mahan's website at

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Teen Photography

This was a fun shoot which just so happened to fall right after a cleansing early morning rain, giving things a shiny, clean look and great natural filtering from the light cloud cover. This happens to be my son who I roped into a practice shoot. I have another teen shoot scheduled for this week, looking forward to it. Teens are fun to work with, they either naturally enjoy being in front of the camera, or quickly warm up to it during the course of the shoot.

Motorcycle Photoshoot

This was a private session traversing from Prairie Grove to Devil's Den. What a fun gig and an awesome person to shoot; a good sport willing to stop his bike anywhere and pose... from sidewalks to scenes at the Battlefield park, even asking the rangers if we could park on the grass for pics, sadly they declined. That's alright, a little photoshop magic did the trick :) This shoot inspired the background to my blog, great pic. I love the grunge feeling of the brick wall with the bike parked on the sidewalk. Thanks for the fun shoot!

Bikes, Babes and Bling 2010

On July 3 a bike event was held in support of breast cancer in Fayetteville, AR. The event was called Bikes, Babes and Bling and was geared toward women bikers. Congregating on Dickson Street, the familiar rumble resonated throughout the day in spite of a steady rain. By the time I arrived in the late afternoon participant numbers were few, but it was hard to blame them in the constant, unyielding rain. Still, rows of bikes could be found parked in front of bars and restaurants along Dickson Street and I was happy to have been able to get a few nice shots. See you again next year, ladies!

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