Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friends of Frederik, the Magnificent Friesian Stallion

Twin Springs Equestrian Center of Siloam Springs hosted a spectacular exhibition performed by an exquisite Friesian Stallion; Frederik the Great. The performance was held on October 24 before an audience of well over 200 spectators. Act I consisted of Frederik performing at liberty to the fitting music 'King Acrisius' and concluded with a majestic bow by the stallion. During Act II Frederik was ridden by Stacy Morrison of Equus Manor in Centeron, Arkansas, demonstrating sophisticated dressage maneuvers. The powerful, athletic stallion was an utter delight to behold as he moved around the arena executing each maneuver with grace and elegance.

Frederik later returned to the arena unsaddled for a brief session of questions and information sharing by owner Stacy Nazario. The performance concluded with a sharing of roses as spectators lined the arena rail to meet the magnificent stallion. All who participated in the event were moved by his beauty, power, noble presence and gentle demeanor. The event was free to the public and was held out of demand by the stallion's many Facebook fans numbering over 3,000. The purpose was to provide enjoyment and sharing of the rare and stunning Friesian breed, and notably, a beloved stallion adored by his fans.

Frederik was the first boarder at Twin Springs Equestrian Center over three years ago, states Cindy Savage, the arena manager. Since Frederik has moved home to his own private barn, he continues to hold a special relationship with his friends at the arena. Frederik visits Twin Springs about monthly utilizing the indoor riding facilities. His friends at Twin Springs claim they are blessed by his presence.

Frederik is a Dressage Grand Champion imported from the Netherlands. He is 16.1hh tall and weighs 1,400 pounds, though his power and presence will leave one thinking it is more. He is a standing stallion at Pinnacle Friesians located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Those interested in stud fees, booking for shows, promotional advertising, photos shoots or purchasing posters and other gift items can contact the owners at:

Pinnacle Friesian's Website:
Twin Springs Equestrian Center Website:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Galleries Completed for Bikes, Blues and BBQ Photos

Currently being processed:
  • Friday on the Pig Trail in Eureka Springs (2 Wheels Grill)
  • Saturday afternoon on Dickson Street
  • Sunday afternoon on the Pig Trail in Eureka Springs
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bikes Blues and BBQ on Dickson

The rally is winding down, it has been a fantastic few days and I have shot many thousands of photos from Devils Den, Dickson Street to Eureka Springs. Galleries will go into full production starting tomorrow morning so please check back often. I'm off this morning to conclude the final day of shooting from Pig Trail Harley Davidson and back to Eureka Springs to shoot with Joe Skaggs of Here's to a great rally and a safe trip to all on the way home!

Photo: Dickson Street on Saturday

Please allow up to 7 days for photo processing and upload. Come back soon!!